Thinking about adding favorites for quick and easy access to the games you usually play...

Is 0.91" OLED screen to small? We don't want to make the MSTR too big but around 2" would look better.

A possible look. If we could switch the screen to the left side it could look better I think but we will see.

OLED screen in the middle of the front. Headset jack and slider on the bottom.

Playing around with a OLED screen. Thinking about including it on the MSTR.

Here are two picture of what the pcb setup looks like together with the DE10 Nano.
We found that we need to update some things on the pcbs (trace mostly) so we will order a new batch shortly but visually it should look the same.

We are currently testing the pcbs so they work like we want.
Once we have everything working we will post about all it's working features here.
UPDATE: We are able to get the menu open by pressing Start + Select + Left so you won't need to press any menu button on the case or use a keyboard.

I have teamed up with DaemonBite for the latest project, MSTR. DaemonBite already has great validity within the community so it was a no brainer.

MSTR is a case (incl some pcbs) that is developed for the DE10 Nano pcb. The goal with this case is to create a more "consolesque" designed, thoroughly engineered and multi-featured case for the MiSTer platform.

More info about DaemonBite:


Per from akicus here.

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I want this place to be open to anybody who wants to discuss the products we sell/will sell.

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